Above Photo taken at The Eastern Psychological Association presenting my research on the difficulties of emotion in speech in autistic individuals.

I am a Biology student at Keene State College with a pre-med track in the hopes of attending medical school after I graduate. I am currently involved in undergraduate research working with adolescents with autism and conducting a speech match study that improves their language and speech. I am currently philanthropy chair of the Pre-Medical club here at Keene State where I schedule volunteer opportunities and events and help get the club out in the community and surrounding areas. I am a Certified Nursing Assistant working at the local hospital Cheshire Medical Center and Berkshire Medical Center in Massachusetts. Working in a hospital setting helps get me involved with the medical team and exposes me to the types of challenges that will show up when one day when I become a physician. I volunteer at numerous on and off campus events such as adopt a street, Berkshire Medical Center, and the Monadnock Humane Society. On this website you will find work from multiple classes and links to my twitter page.

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Keene State Pre-Medical Club E-board members at the AMSA (American Medical Student Association)

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Learning how to suture at the AMSA Conference

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Marisa Benjamin 2018