The dev. of an organism is an interactive process

Interchangable between genes and environment

As an organism dev:

  • Genetic info interacts with changing internal and external envi
  • Genes are turned off on or off by signals
  • Signals are internal.cellular/chemical or external envi stimuli
  • These interactions alter the assembly of the organism-its neural networks as well as other aspects of its physiological/anatomical systems

Dev, of worker behavior in honey bees

Envi factors are critical for every element of gene expression within organisms. Especially since its the envi that supplies the molecular building blocks (like the bases present in RNA and the amino acids of proteins) that are essential if the DNA information is to be used to make mRNA and proteins

Older bees inhibit the transition to forager in others by manufacturing a compound called ethyl oleate

Learning is the result of gene-enviroment interactions

  • Genes construct the learning system
  • Genes are responsive to important…

“Although no behavior is either purely genetic or purely environmental. differences between individuals can arise as a result of developmental differences stemming from differences in ether genes or their environments (or both)

Genetic differences can also cause behavioral differences amongst individuals

How would you test for genetic differences in behavior?

-Need to use individuals without experience

Devise an evolutionary hypothesis

A single gene can have effects on behavior

A single genetic difference between female mice has a large effect on their maternal behavior



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