Header Image: “Cricket” by Pixabay under CC by 2.0


  • Crickets are kept in my bed room at a temperature around 67-73 degrees. There is moderate noise surrounding them.
  • I will be changing conditions to observe them such as putting them in a different room for a day.

*Photos are my own, taken when crickets first arrived in their new home.

Daily Observations:

1/18/18 6:00 pm

  • I constructed a home with 7 crickets, dog food, carrots, sand, a small house and water. (12:30pm)
  • All moving around when I first put them in the container. Wall scraping, attempted to climb the walls, some are already eating the dog food.
  • Within the 7, I believe I have two adult females and the rest are juveniles that could be male or female
  • The large adult female is staying under the cup and does not seem that curious
  • Some sit on top of one another for a period of time
  • Most of them do not respond to tapping on the container
  • No noise so far

1/19/18 9:00 am

  • Large adult cricket does not seem interested in the others, usually by herself
  • Noise started, it sounds like only one cricket is making noise but several could be doing it at the same time
  • Noise is quieter then I expected, but that could be because of the container masking the sound
  • A few antennas have been broken off from individuals
  • They seem to be eating more of the dog food then carrot
  • When I pick up the container they start running around
  • Looks like one is using its mouth parts like it is cleaning itself

1/20/18 3:00 pm

  • One is on top of another one- mating activity?
  • The juvenile crickets seem to move a lot faster around the container then the larger crickets
  • No noise

1/21/18 1:30 pm

  • Carrots started rotting, replaced them with apples to see change in eating behavior
  • Smallest cricket went right up the apple and started eating it
  • Small little structures almost clear or a yellow color, either eggs or poop
  • 2 other crickets went up to the apple did not eat
  • Taking mouth parts and moving them around head

1/22/18 10:00 am

  • Moved crickets into the living room- wanted to see if change in location changed behavior, also they were loud when I was trying to sleep
  • There was more sunlight in the living room, this seemed to make the crickets go into the house, they also could of been scared from the move
  • Finally all came out of the house except for the adult female, she stayed in the house
  • For about 5 minutes, one cricket tried crawling up the sides to escape, he then proceeded to run around the whole cage, seems like he is stressed being confined in a small scale habitat



Category of Behavior Behavior Description
Food Eating





Cricket scrapes off pieces of carrot and dog food with mouthparts


Cricket soaks up water from the sand using mouth-parts

Solitary Hiding







Adult female cricket always inside small cup, never interacting with others



Crickets stand there without movement


Crickets walk around container, inside and outside the house, walk over the food

Social Interaction  







Antennae Touching







Climbing on top of one another, climbing around the walls


Jumping on top of one another


Touching antennae of other crickets with their own


One cricket followed another cricket around the container for about 1 minute




Question 1 : Why do crickets make sounds at certain times and not others?

Hypothesis: Crickets make noise when they are trying to attract a mate

Prediction: If Crickets make noise when they are trying to attract a mate, then the male crickets will chirp showing courtship behavior in hope of finding a mate.


Question 2: Why do they move their antennae in different directions?

Hypothesis: Crickets use their antennae as their sensory receptors.

Prediction: If Crickets use their antennae as their sensory receptors, then they move them around to touch and smell the surrounding area.



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