What is Fitness?

  • Relative (compared to everyone else in that population)

-Can measure fitness in different ways

-Fitness has practicals ways that ecologists measure it

Hypothesis to explain infanticide:

  • The pathology hypothesis
  • The population regulation hypothesis
  • The quicker reproduction hypothesis

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 12.28.13 PM.png

“Lion and lion cub” by Flickr under CC by 2.0

Scientific Method

1. Observe an interesting pattern– male lions kill cubs

2. Determine question of interest– why do male lions commit infanticide

3. Determine the hypothesis– Males kills infants tog et a female to come back into estrus sooner so he can now mate with her

4. Make predictions– If males kill infants to gain access to females, then the cubs he kills should not be related to him

5. Design conduct and analyze experiences– Collect blood samples of cubs and male lions, test paternity

6. Evaluate the hypothesis



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