Video observation:

Video 1- Fighting over food fighting each other maybe mating?

If there are males and females because then they could be mating. If there was food around could explain why they are fighting. If they have dominants

Video 2- Following each other, very vocal

Maybe there is food or the child is following the parent. If there was food or mating calls can explain why they were so vocal.

Video 3- Grazing for food, using their tails to get bugs off,  rolling around in dirt to stay cool, others are coming near and curious why the horse is on the ground, continue to graze

The horse that layed down could of been in pain, could of been to get cooled off or keep the bugs away

  • Physiological Mechanism
  • Genetics
  • Development
  • Evolution

Ecology– the scientific study of the interactions among organisms and their environments

Phenotype=Genotype + Environment

Phenotypic variation in a population is due to both

Heritability: the portion of phenotypic variation in a population due to genetic differences between individuals

  • Asks how much genetics are playing a role in differences in height between people
  • Not the same as asking how much genetics influences height in any one person

Natural selection= is ONE mechanism of volution

IF three conditions (genetic variation, some of the variation is heritable,interaction with the environment: traits that increase survival and reproduction of individuals increase frequency) are met THEN adaptive evolution occur

Natural selection: differential survival and reproductive success results rom organisms interacting with their environment

  • Those individual with traits best suited for the local environment survive, grow, and leave more fertile offspring
  • This leads to gradual changes in the genetic make up of a population over generations. favorable characteristics accumulate over time

What changes is the relative frequency of genes

The result if natural selection is evolutionary adaptation

What is perfection?

  • Organism c/currently not in an environment it evolved in
  • Genetic constraints and lack of gnetic variation
  • Gene flow
  • Ecological trade-offs



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