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“Scribe” by Pixabay under CC by 2.0


  • Do make sure you qualify for the job by reading the job description
  • Do format your cover letter correctly, making sure it looks clear and readable
  • Do make sure you follow clear instructions on how to submit it, otherwise it may not get read
  • Do use language from the job description
  • Do include where you saw the job posting for example Linked In
  • Do show a little personality, show them you are not a robot
  • Do chose a skill or accomplishment that will catch a recruitment eyes
  • Do find out name of the person reading your resume if available
  • Do use a generic greeting such as: Dear Hiring Manager, To whom it may concern etc. if it is a general job listing/ cannot find who will be reading your cover letter
  • Do review cover letter examples
  • Do tailor your cover letter to what you are applying too and customize it to the position
  • Do write write 1-2 detailed paragraphs that show why you would fit the position, making sure you make them “meaty” so who ever is reading it knows right away who you are
  • Do lead in with something that clearly indicates what you are applying for
  • Do have someone review your resume after you proofread before you submit it


  • Don’t assume the gender of the person you are addressing in the beginning
  • Don’t forget to actually read the job description and make sure you qualify
  • Don’t make the cover letter longer then one page. This is to long and shows you are not thinking about the readers time. Too long of a cover letter might make the reader uninterested in reading your actual resume
  • Don’t refer to the last job you had by accident. Make sure all the information you are talking about relates to the current job you are applying for
  • Don’t repeat your resume, chose different skills, experiences etc.
  • Don’t be to informal/too formal. Find the fine line
  • Don’t forget to proofread before submitting

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