3 differences between invert and vertebrates

**** The lack of 1 a characteristic distinguishes between inverts and verts

Invertbrates are not Monophyletic (developed from single ancestral form)


  • make up 95% of all extant (living) animals species on the planet
  • 1,000,000 described spp. (species) on planet (mostly insects)
  • 10 to 30 mil spp. yet to describe

3 Domains of life

  • Bacteria- prokaryotes
  • Archaea- prokaryotes
  • Eureka- Eukaryotes (mostly protists)

Prok—>cells lack nucleus Euk—> cells have nucleus

“Supergroups”– six supergroup/kingdom model (Excavata, Amoebozoa,Opisthokonta,Rhizaria,Chromalveolata,Archaeplastida)


  • Protists (protozoa=”animal like”
  • Unicellular, Eu




Ctenophora-comb jellies


Mollusca-clams, snails, squids

Annelida-Segmented worms

Arthropoda-horseshow crab,insects,crustations


Rotifera-Wheel bearers


Chordata-include vert and invert, humans





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