05/18/17/Turks and Caicos Airport/ 11am

Waking up today I knew it was time to leave. I had all my stuff packed up but I was not ready to leave. I walked on the beach for a while and to take it all in. This is by far the prettiest beach I have ever been to. Everywhere you look it is like a picture. We have met some of the workers at our resort and they all wished us safe travels back to the states. We all have gotten so close these past nine days and it is going to be strange to leave every body for the summer. We made so many memories together and I have learned so much being in the field.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 12.11.21 PM.png

I am so blessed to of been able to attend this trip. Before the trip we spent the semester learning about the different species we were going to see, terminology, different types of reefs and so much more. This class incorporated a lot of web based learning such as blog posts, constructing this website, and twitter. All of these aspects of the course made learning about marine biology so much easier. I am so happy we were able to get a group together for this course to actually happen. I know when I heard about it it seemed very interesting and something I definitely wanted to do. My long term goal is to attend medical school after I graduate Keene State, but this class has definitely spiked my interest in Marie Biology and I never thought I would have interest in.

Becoming SCUBA certified was defiantly a challenge, but it was one of the greatest experiences I have have had in my entire life. I overcame a lot of my anxiety with the different skills we learned and just diving in general. I plan to go diving as soon as I can again because it is such an amazing experience. It was so amazing to see the different species we have learned about in class out in the field. It is such a different experience to see things in the flesh and to see their actual size. I think being able to work in the field makes learning a lot easier.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 12.11.37 PM.png

This trip has been one of the best times of my life. I would encourage anyone to take this class if it is available. I have gotten close to my fellow classmates and formed a great bond.I was able to meet some pretty great kids at my resort and told them a little bit about the coral reef and where the coral that was floating around came from. They were so smart and seemed very interesting in learning about it! I plan to take my knowledge I have learned about the coral reef and marine life and educate my friends and family. The ocean is such a beautiful place and we all need to work together to preserve it. Thanks to my professor’s Dr. C and Dr. Strong for making this trip happen!

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 12.11.52 PM.png


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