05/17/17/Smith’s Reef/11am

Another rainy day on the island. This was unfortunate because we had a kayaking trip planned to iguana island. We were going to visit the mangroves and see them in real life instead of pictures. We were unable to go, so we had one last snorkel before the trip ended. A few days go we went to Smith’s reef, but we went to another part with a different reef today. We had to walk a little ways, and the reef was not clearly marked. The water was a little shallow, so I had to be really careful not to kick any of the coral with my fins. During the snorkel, I seen a lot of the same fish from previous dives, but I saw an unusually long trumpet fish. I know they come in different sizes, but I have never seen one of this size. This reef contained a lot of juvenile and smaller fish, and seemed like it was a good nursery ground. Besides the large trumpet fish I saw, most of the fish for example the parrot fish were in initial phase.

As far as behavior, the dusky damsel fish was very territorial. It was guarding a rock, probably with its eggs inside. It would chase away any fish that came close, even ones that were much larger. This was very interesting to watch and one of the first times I saw this behavior. I am glad we were able to have one last snorkel before the trip ended. I do like snorkeling, but I think I like diving a lot more. After a full day, we ended it with a fancy dinner at Mango Reef which was delicious! I miss home but I don’t want to leave the island!

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 11.37.12 AM.png


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