05/13/17/Tons of Sponges/8am

Today was our open water dives 3 and 4! We woke up and had breakfast then headed to the boat dock to meet Bill and Steph. Matt, which is another instructor joined us today on our dive. We went to a location called Tons of Sponges, where we dove at a maximum of 60 ft! This was the furthest depth we have gone down. After getting suited up, we dove with a free descent with a buddy which went very well and I was able to equalize with no problem. Today was the last of skills and the skills we preformed was using the compass on and off the surface, the hover, and taking the mask completely off and putting it back on underwater. I had an extremely hard time with taking my mask off because I have to hold my nose while underwater which made it hard for me to put my mask on. It was hard to breathe because I forgot I could with the regulator. I had a little but of a freak out, and after finally getting the mask back on, Steph took me for a dive to calm me down. While diving some of the things we saw were reef sharks, lobsters, Southern Stingray, Queen Triggerfish and a Porcupine fish. After coming up to the surface and getting ready for our next dive, I was told I had to repeat the skill of taking my mask off. This made me extremely nervous because I knew how hard it was for me the first time. Matt brought me down as soon as we got in the water. This was by far one of the scariest moments of my life. I tried it and the same thing happened where I freaked out and forgot to breathe. I started swimming to the top which was not good and felt like I was going to have an anxiety attack. I had to calm down and dive around, I knew I couldn’t get certified if I couldn’t complete the skill. I was telling myself the whole time I could do it. At the end of the dive she brought me back. I tried to be as calm as I could and tried my hardest to remember that I can breathe. I finally did it with no problem! I was very happy but realized how much air I used trying to calm myself down that I had to swim to the top. I ended up with 100 psi left in my tank when I got on the boat which is not good. I cannot let that happen again and need to start making my safety stops at 700 regardless of what anyone is doing. I then became a certified diver! I was very proud of myself for overcoming my fear and completing the skill. The 4th dive was suppose to be a dive we planned, but because of my difficulty, I stayed with Steph when I dove. It was crazy to see the behavior of a shark just casually and calmly swim right past you.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 11.19.40 PM.png

We are now certified divers!

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 10.36.19 PM.png

After the dive, we went to Dr. C’s friend’s house where we ate pizza and waited for night to fall so we could watch the glow worms. This was such an amazing experience. The worms were so vibrant in color and their behavior was like no other to watch. I wa very excited that there was so many and we were able to see them. Little dog, which is Laura’s dog also found a shark fin! It was a very eventful day to say the least.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 11.21.43 PM.png


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